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Amber Herring, LMFT, LAC, Level II PACT Therapist

As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and a licensed Addictions Counselor, I have had the privilege of supporting many individuals, couples and families find healing from addictions, eating disorders and interpersonal conflict. I specialize in couples therapy and utilize a PACT approach (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) to support couples in exploring patterns that are keeping them stuck. PACT incorporates neurobiology and attachment principles to explain why we do the things we do in relationship. Through therapy, couples bring awareness to the ways in which their central nervous system responses have been adapted to protect them from threat and how this gets activated when perceiving threat from their Partner. Couples bring awareness to attachment patterns established early on in relationships with primary caregivers and how these patterns show up in adult relationships. Couples become the experts on one another, being able to tune in when their Partner may be activated from a central nervous system perspective and help each other regulate one another. Through the therapeutic process, couples explore guiding principles in their relationship working to increase trust and security in relationship. We work toward balancing power in relationship, acknowledging that in order to survive as a unit, they need to work together in a fair, just and sensitive way. 

Laura O'Connor, LCSW 

Independent Contractor

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 30 years of experience working with individuals, families and couples. My specialties include substance use, mood, anxiety and eating disorders. I use evidence based practices and look to assist my clients in improving their quality of life.  I am described as passionate and dedicated by my colleagues and compassionate and supportive by my loved ones.

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